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Do you need a bunch of t-shirts printed to promote an event? A business? A school organization or club? A band? A community group? High quality screen printing might be the way to go. Very basically, screen printing is a process where a stencil is used to apply ink onto a garment or other material. This type of printing has several advantages. It is a cost effective way of creating large quantities of a design in a short amount of time, it is capable of producing a diverse range of designs in many different colours and images created by this process tend to be durable and less prone to fading and dulling.

Louies provides high quality screen printing services. Whatever your exact printing need is, Louies would be delighted to provide you with excellent service to deliver a high quality finished product, in a prompt manner and at a price that you can afford. All that you need is a design in a “vectorized” file format like .eps, .ai or .cdr and Louies can help make your t-shirt design a reality. If you do not have a design in the appropriate file type, Louies can help you transfer or recreate the design in the appropriate file type so it can get to work on making that design of yours into a beautiful, attractive and high quality reality. Look no further than Louies if you are in need of high quality screen printing services at a price that you can afford.