Employee Service Awards

Employee Service Awards

Long Service Awards

Rewarding Longstanding Achievements

When you have longstanding team members on board, having the desire to demonstrate recognition and a reward is natural. These employees are often the heart of a company and set the tone for newcomers through their example.

Memorable and notable moments like their anniversary of dedicated service, or their special achievements are an opportunity to extend recognition. Doing so will make an impact on your entire team and honour the individual’s contribution to your business.

Retirement Awards

Honouring a Lifetime

Retirement only happens once. After a career of dedicated service and countless personal contributions to your company and corporate environment, your retiree deserves a personalized retirement award.

Giving a memento with your company’s own touch or a personalized gift is a nice way to thank employees for their dedication and service throughout the years.

You can offer retirees a unique and personalized gift, or allow retirees to choose their own retirement gift, from our vast selection.

Exceptional Service Awards

Recognizing Exceptional Service

Top-notch service is the key to successful business today. Whether your business relies on offering service to others, or service in the form of production, rewarding employees who go the extra mile improves overall employee satisfaction.

When employees provide over-and-above service in their daily work it pays to recognize and reward it quickly. This creates a culture that values exceptional service as the norm and provides employees with a powerful incentive to do their best each day.

We can help you implement a successful recognition program to do this effectively.