With An In-house Embroidery Service, No Job Is To Big. And We Guarantee Our Quality.

Do you need custom embroidered baseball caps for your team? Do you need embroidered shirts to give away as swag at a convention or do you need them as part of your employee’s uniforms? Do you need embroidered bags to give to your customers as appreciation for their business? Towels embroidered with the name of your business? Embroidered jackets maybe? Are you an artist with a design you think would look amazing embroidered onto something? You can have beautiful, high quality embroidery done on pretty much any type of item you can imagine in less time and for less money than you might think possible.
If you do not have the image in the proper format, Louies can assist you in recreating or converting the image to the proper format to make it suitable for embroidery. Louies has the know-how to turn the idea you have in your head into amazing looking embroidery. If you find yourself in need of beautiful, eye-catching embroidery on baseball caps, towels, shirts and other items at a price that won’t lighten the wallet too much then look no further than Louies.